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Applegate Deer Farm

Patricia Dolbec

101 Applegate Lane, PO BOX 96

W. Newfield, ME 04095

Phone: 207-793-8677



Venison, Velvet Antler, Hay

We began European Red Deer farming in the fall of 1999 with one stag and 11 hinds. Presently, we have 35, which include: stags, spikers, hinds and fawns. Antlers are cut at 60 days' growth to produce velvet antler, a medicinal product. Extra hay that we cut is sold to other farmers. Maintaining fields, caring for our herd and equipment maintenance are daily activities. We sell USDA stew meat, ground, steaks, tenderloins, etc., from our farm and occasionally to restaurants. Hours: If we're home, we're open.

Please Note Our New Mailing Address:

York County Extension Association (YCEA)
York County Extension Office
15 Oak Street, Suite 302
Springvale, ME 04083


In Maine Phone: 800-287-1535

Local Phone: 207-324-2814

email the YCFN office

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