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2nd Breakfast Farm

Cordier Family

165 Diamond Hill Rd.

North Berwick, ME 03906

Phone: 207-698-1881


Flowers, perennials, eggs, vegetables

We are a small family-owned farm featuring free-range hens' eggs. We also present flowers and fresh vegetables for sale at the North Berwick Farmers' Market on Fridays. Eggs also sold at the house.

Back Fields Farm

Eliot, ME

Phone: 207-438-9197

Brookridge Farm

Lyman, ME

Phone: 207-324-6221

Chellis Brook Farm

Newfield, ME

Phone: 207-432-8771

Chick Farm

Rick and Marilyn Stanley

19 Waldo Way

Wells ME 04090

Phone: 207-985-2787 www.chickfarm.com info@chickfarm.com

Chicken, Asparagus, Raspberries

We raise certified organic pastured poultry, asparagus, and raspberries. Our products are available at the farm and in several local stores, and we also supply chicken to area restaurants. Open year-round by appointment.

Country Charm Farm

Paul and BJ Caron

81 Orchard Road

Acton ME 04001

Phone: 207-636-3396


Country Charm Farm on Facebook


Lamb, Beef, Pork, Rabbits, Turkeys, Ducks and other Poultry, Eggs

We raise and sell Registered and Commercial Dorper lambs. We have a small scale hatchery for Heritage turkeys, Pekin ducks, and a variety of poultry breeds. We supply homesteaders and backyard farmers with a variety of small live livestock and poultry for them to provide fresh meat for their families. We offer farm fresh eggs, veggies, and a variety of meat cuts, upon availability, including beef, lamb and pork, as well as whole duck, heritage turkey and rabbit.

D and C Family Farm

Christine A. Corliss

162 Center Road

Lebanon ME 04027

Phone: 207-457-6265 christinecorliss@ymail.com

Pigs, Piglets, Eggs, Cows

We currently are a small family farm selling piglets, eggs and starting to sell sides of beef.

East Coast Alpacas

Limington, ME

Phone: 207-637-2833


duck eggs only

Fox Hill Farm

South Berwick, ME

Phone: 207-384-5030

Heart's Content Homestead

North Berwick, ME

Phone: 207-676-3356


Ike's Farm

Sanford, ME

Phone: 207-651-0577


Labor of Love Farm

Saco, ME

Phone: 207-283-3959


Lemelin, Sandy

Shapleigh, ME

Phone: 207-468-6851

Little Patch of Heaven

Buxton, ME

Phone: 207-239-4599

Maranatha Farm

June Cawood

26 June's Way

Buxton, ME 04093


Goats, Goat Products, Poultry, Eggs

Farm is not open to the public.

Mighty Oaks Farm

Jesse and Staci Wallingford 

 84 Newfield Rd

Shapleigh, ME 04076

Phone: 207-459-0336




Beef, Poultry and Eggs, Swine, Pork Products, Ducks, Vegetables

 We are a small scale, low impact farm.  All livestock is pasture/woodland raised, using rotational grazing systems.   Our produce is grown using organic principals and no till gardening methods.  We are a full circle farm always striving to use farm sources to improve and regenerate our soil.

Moose Creek Farm

Wells, ME

Phone: 207-251-4770

Nature's Acres

North Berwick, ME

Phone: 207-676-1076

Old Mountain Farm

Cheryle Moore-Smith

60 Old Mountain Road

Cape Neddick, ME 03902

Phone: 207-351-7032



Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats Breeding Stock, Welsh Harlequin Ducks and Organic Duck Eggs, Processed Goat Pelts

We raise ADGA/AGS registered milking/show quality Nigerian Dwarf Dairy goats and ship nationwide.  We also raise Welsh Harlequin ducks (one of the highest egg producing duck breeds). Visitors by appointment. Call 207-351-7032.

Our Farm

Springvale, ME

Phone: 207-850-1657

Oxwood Farm

Berwick, ME

Phone: 207-698-4651

Pullen Manor Farm

Kennebunk, ME

Phone: 207-985-1898

Rocks-N-Ivy Farm

Acton, ME

Phone: 207-636-1025

Sherward Forest Farm

Berwick, ME

Phone: 207-698-1715

Side-A-Brook Farm

Shapleigh, ME

Phone: 207-636-9851

Sirois Family Farm

Norm Sirois

229 Little River Road

Lebanon, ME 04027

Phone: 207-432-8042 Facebook/SiroisFamilyFarm SiroisFamilyFarm@ymail.com

Vegetables, Pigs, Turkey and Broilers

We are an organic vegetable, turkeys and broilers producer. We sell whole birds all year long. We also raise whole feeder pigs and piglets all year long. Most of what we raise is to order, so order early. We also have a farm kitchen which produces fresh-baked goods, We sell our meats, vegetables and bakery items through our farm store. Open on weekends: Friday 12:00 to 6:00pm, Saturday and Sunday 9:00 to 4:00pm.

Spiritwind Farm LLC

Kathy Ossinger

57 Spiritwind Farm Rd.

Lebanon, ME 04027

Phone: 207-457-3001 www.spiritwindfarmllc.com


Goat Milk Soaps, Goat Milk Moisturizers, Eggs

I raise goats for their delicious milk that I drink, make into cheese, and use as the main ingredient in my goat milk soaps and moisturizers. I have English Shire horses that help work the land and give sleigh and wagon rides. I raise freedom ranger chickens that provide me with eggs to sell and enjoy and also for their delicious meat. I grow almost all my own food. I also do farm stays here.

Tabor Homestead

Carl Tabor

335 Lebanon Road

North Berwick, ME 03906

Phone: 207-676-5579 tabor.carl@yahoo.com

Poultry Processing, Chicken Broilers, Turkeys

We are a State inspected poultry processing facility. We raise chemical free range grown chicken broilers and turkeys.

Timothy Washburn Homestead

Kennebunkport, ME

Phone: 207-967-8057

Widow Wilson's Farm

Lebanon, ME

Phone: 207-608-7715

Whiskey & Wine Acres

Jeff and Kim Sweeting

150 Kennebunk Rd

Alfred, ME 04002


Flowers, Perennials, Organic non- certified Produce, Poultry and Eggs

 We practice organic growing methods and use only certified organic seed.  Come visit our self-serve farm stand open daily from May to Oct.  We sell a wide-variety of produce, herbs, and flowers.  Floral arrangements, fresh eggs, farm crafts, wreaths and homemade jam and preserves available throughout the season and holiday wreaths available Nov and Dec.

Please Note Our New Mailing Address:

York County Extension Association (YCEA)
York County Extension Office
15 Oak Street, Suite 302
Springvale, ME 04083


In Maine Phone: 800-287-1535

Local Phone: 207-324-2814

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