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Farm Scoop, October 2014 - UMaine Extension's Farm Newsletter
The latest issue of the University of Maine Cooperative Extension's farm news blog is now available at
http://umaine.edu/agriculture/blog/2014/10/01/farm-scoop-october-2014/ Topics include Farms for the Future grant program, deadline October 27; cover crops; new animal and plant disease, insect control laboratory for Maine; Maine hay and straw directory update; farm rental rates; and more. (10/14/14)

Farm Scoop, September 2014 - UMaine Extension's farm newsletter
The University of Maine Cooperative Extension's farm news blog for September is available at
http://umaine.edu/agriculture/blog/2014/08/01/farm-scoop-september/ (9/4/14)

New Maine Family Farms Publications Series from UMaine Extension
Maine Family Farms: Life and Business in Balance series recognizes that the needs of farmers at each various life stage are unique, as choices about farming practices, child rearing, business growth, and succession planning enter into decision making. This series consists of five fact sheets plus an introductory fact sheet that can purchased/downloaded individually or as a series; free to download at this link: UMaine Family Farms publications. To order: email extension.orders@maine.edu or call 207-581-3792.
Publication Topics Available:

Tractor and Farm Safety Videos
For information on farm safety resources, including tractor and other farm machinery safety videos, check out this link on Extension.org: http://www.extension.org/pages/67428/machinery-and-equipment-safety-video-resources (11/10/13)

Certification of Private Applicators of General Use Pesticides – You have until April 1, 2015
To all Maine fruit, vegetable and grain growers who sell edible produce to consumers or to processors to be made into products for human consumption -- this new law may require you to be licensed to use over-the-counter pest control products. In 2011, the Maine Legislature passed Public Law 2011, Chapter 169: An Act To Require Certification of Private Applicators of General Use Pesticides. This law requires the Maine Board of Pesticides Control (BPC) to begin licensing growers who use only general-use (over-the-counter) pesticides and sell more than $1,000 of plant or plant products intended for human consumption. To obtain a license, you must pass the BPC "core exam." Exams may be ordered by calling the BPC office at 207-287-2731. Candidates should review the Pesticide Education (Core) Manual prior to taking the exam. The manual is available from the University of Maine Cooperative Extension at http://umaine.edu/ipm/pesticide-safety/certification-manual-prices/ or call 1-800-287-0279 in Maine, 207-581-3880 outside Maine. The three-year license will cost $15. You will need to obtain one hour of continuing education per year in order to maintain your license. (4/2/13)

Farmland Access: New Educational Resources
As the majority of our region's experienced farmers near retirement, new younger farmers need to be cultivated. The Land Access Project (LAP), a New England-wide collaboration focused on farmland access, gives young farmers clearer paths to acquiring farmland. "The goal of LAP," says Kathy Ruhf, Land For Good's executive director, "is to make farmland more affordable and accessible for New England farmers, especially beginning farmers. To meet these challenges, the project works with farm seekers, retiring farmers and farmland owners of all types." For more information, and links to free handbooks and videos on farmland leasing, transfer and acquisition topics, see www.landforgood.org (3/24/13)

Future of Farming in Maine
What will agriculture look like in Maine by 2025? Are Maine farmers optimistic about the future? What changes are happening on farms to adjust to changing weather and energy prices? Download the report below "Assessing Maine's Agricultural Future - 2025" (3/21/12)

Assessing Maine's Agricultural Future - 2025
A publication of the University of Maine Cooperative Extension office by John Jemison, Stephanie Welcomer, Damon Hall and Jane Haskell.
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"Finding Funds for Farming" publication from Maine Dept. of Agriculture (as of July 2011)
Seeking funds for farming?  To capitalize a new project, fund an equipment purchase, or start a new specialty food business?  Check out this  Finding Funds for Farming publication from the Maine Dept of Agriculture to help you find financial resources for your farm and food business. The publication lists most of the banks and grant programs available as of July, 2011. (1/25/12)

Ag Business Loans from Coastal Enterprises Inc.
CEI's Ag Enterprises Initiative has helped quite a few farmers get up and running for the season. CEI has seen an increased number of farmers inquiring about business planning assistance, recognizing that good planning and farm viability go hand in hand. Loans up to $35,000 are considered. Download the CEI information flyer below for more information, or contact Gray Harris at gharris@ceimaine.org or 882-7552. You may also reach the local York County CEI loan officer Art Stevens at 324-0888. (10/23/12)

CEI Information Flyer
Micro Loans for Farmers from CEI
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Beginning Farmer Resource Network of Maine
The site includes videos, FAQs, fact sheets, and other resources to support Mainers who are considering becoming farmers or who have recently started farming. UMaine Extension staff Tori Jackson and Dana Rickman worked to develop the new site, with additional help from webmaster Cindy Eves-Thomas. (8/1/12)